When you join Ann's Weigh here is what you can expect ....


- $199.95 for first 3 months ($255 value.)
- 3 months customized diet sheets ($160 value.)
- Silicone pan for making Ann's Weigh candy ($15.00 value.)
- 3-Ring Ann's Weigh cookbook ($20.00 value.)
- 4 pks. of Ann's Weigh candy ($60.00 value.)
- Access to Ann's Weigh Maintenance Program
- E-mail access to our representatives which consist of a Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Qualified consultants.

- $89.99 for each additional 3 months
- Additional 3 months customized diet sheets
- Continued access to our qualified staff to assist you in your weight loss goal.
- Access to our maintenance program.

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