Q. What is Ann's Weigh?
A. Ann's Weigh offers you a way to eat the foods you would normally eat and lose weight without starving.

Q. What type of diet does Ann's Weigh use?
A. We usually use a modified low carbohydrate diet. There is no one diet for everyone, so we work with you to prepare a diet that is healthy, and also one you can live with.

You may need help with your special diet sheet from your doctor. At Ann's Weigh our counselors are here to lend a helping hand, by giving you ideas on how to prepare your food, and the encouragement you need to succeed.

Q. Does Ann's Weigh have doctors at each location?
A. No. Ann's Weigh offers no medical advice but, as with any diet you choose to follow, we do recommend that you check with your family physician for any medical advice and a physical exam prior to beginning any diet program.

If you do not have a family physician, we can recommend several physicians that support our program and you may choose from one of those.

Q. Do I have to buy special packaged foods just for me?
A. No. Special packaged foods are not required. Therefore, it is relatively inexpensive since most of the foods are what you would normally buy to feed your family.

Q. What if my doctor says no to the diet?
A. Your doctor is always the boss. We will be happy to help encourage you to do the program he designs for you.

Q. My friends say low carbohydrate dieting is unhealthy. Is that true?
A. Low carbohydrate dieting got a bad name several years ago because, as Americans, we feel if low carbohydrates will help to lose weight then zero carbohydrates will work faster. However, this is very unhealthy. The body needs carbohydrates for normal body function. We just don't need to over indulge in simple carbohydrates as found in sugars.

Q. Is it true that the Ann's Weigh diet consists of an excess amount of saturated fats(animal fats)?
A. No. We always recommend no cholesterol oils and margarine.

Q. Do I have to eat eggs & fish?
A. No. At Ann's Weigh you do not have to eat any foods you do not like.

Q. Is it true no vegetables or fruits are included?
A. No. We have a variety of vegetables. Certain fruits can be added daily. Other fruits are added at intervals.

Q. Is it necessary to weigh and measure my food?
A. No. At Ann's Weigh you can throw away the measuring spoons and cups. They won't be necessary.

Q. Is Ann's Weigh a crash diet or a starvation diet?
A. Neither. We teach good eating habits by teaching you to modify your diet not by starvation or crash dieting.

Q. How fast can I lose weight?
A. Each individual is different. At Ann's Weigh we try to teach that the speed is not what's important. Learning how to eat differently and maintaining your weight loss for a life time is most important.

Q. Is it OK to put my child on my diet?
A. No. Your child is still growing and has different needs. We will be happy to work with your child, along with his/her doctor, to design a program for his/her needs.

Q. What about life long maintenance?
A. At Ann's Weigh our maintenance program is designed so you don't even feel like you are on a diet. It is necessary to visit your Ann's Weigh counselor every two weeks after starting maintenance. Later you may progress to where monthly visits are all that is necessary.

Q. Is AW a strict high protein diet where I get nothing but meat, eggs, and cheese?
A. No, at Ann's Weigh we eat a variety of vegetables including soups and salads.

Q. Why can't I have any luck with low calorie or low fat diets?
A. There is never anything wrong with these diets if they work for you. Ann's Weigh was founded for people like you who always seem to fail on these other programs. The reason we fail is because 78% of people are carbohydrate addicted.

Q. My doctor says I'm Insulin Resistant. What does that mean?
A. Eating too many simple carbohydrates, especially sugars and even an excess of starches, is the likely cause of Insulin Resistance. It's a vicious cycle in which the body can't use insulin and tries to compensate by producing even more.

Q. What can I do to help myself with Insulin Resistance?
A. You must cut back on carbohydrates. This enables your body to burn up the stored fat for energy. Therefore you are not lacking nutrients.

Q. Do I have to eat breakfast?
A. No. If you are not taking medication that requires food such as diabetes medication, eating breakfast is not mandatory. However, don't ever go hungry. Some people feel like breakfast just gets them started eating and they can't stop. If this sounds like you, have a piece of Ann's Weigh candy and coffee or a diet drink in the morning.

Q. What if my membership runs out and I still have not reached my goal weight?
A. If you log in after your membership has expired, you will be given instructions about how to renew.