The History of Ann's Weigh ....

I thought I knew the agony and heartbreak of obesity as early as my sophomore year in high school. One of my classmates gave me a list of low-carbohydrate foods. They told me if I would eat only those, I would lose weight and not have to be hungry.

My grandmother, who was a diabetic, started using these foods along with me. We both lost weight and her doctor even cut her insulin. Actually, I was like many dieters back then because I only "thought" I had a problem. My weight was only 133 pounds but my bathing suit just didn't fit the way I wanted it to.

Later in life, after my marriage, I came to the reality of really knowing what being overweight was all about. When I was nine months pregnant with my first child, my weight was 172. Three years later with my second child, my weight was 192. I was working as a nurse on the midnight shift and taking care of a three year old child at home during the day. My weight jumped to over 230 pounds. At this point, I really felt like life wasn't worth living. I was miserable in my clothes and so ashamed for my friends to see me. If it had not been a necessity that I work to help my husband with our financial obligations, I would not have left the house.

At this point, I started a starvation diet. I ate one meal a day on a small plate for six months and lost a total of 57 pounds. I was really proud of my accomplishment but ... it didn't last.

In a matter of three to four months, most of the weight was back. The problem was that I did not learn new eating habits by starving. Carbohydrates are addictive so within a few days I was back to eating just like before. Believe me, I know no one ever plans to lose 57 pounds by starving and then gain it all back. It just happens because carbohydrates are addictive to people like myself. I am a food-a-holic.

We hear so much on television and radio about the power of drugs and alcohol, but we never hear about the power of food. It's true that drugs and alcohol can destroy lives but when we are food-a-holics, that can destroy our lives as well. We become unhealthy and unhappy ... and do not like ourselves.

After regaining the weight, I was determined that there had to be a better way. I started thinking back to the high school diet as well as the nutrition I was taught in my nursing program. I also remembered what I had learned from talking with patients in the doctor's office where I was employed.

I began to experiment with different methods of low carbohydrate dieting. I read all types of diet books and pamphlets on low-carb dieting and continued to experiment with them in various ways. I lost 80 pounds! When old friends saw me, they were amazed and wanted to know how I had achieved this new me. I told them I had discovered a program that worked for me; a program that was easy to follow with no weighing and measuring. I explained how the program would fit any lifestyle and could also work for them; how cutting carbohydrates could work better than diet pills because we were doing away with addictive foods.

I continued to study books on diets and nutrition and devised the type of diet that suited each individual. I began counseling people in my home and helping them achieve success.

Word spread rapidly in our small mountain communities about the success of my clients. People were calling and coming from various places to see me in my home. I finally had to go out to see people in other locations. I have weighed and counseled people in vans, parking lots, and beside the road to build Pounds Away (now Ann's Weigh) into the successful program it is today.

It even became necessary for my husband to quit his job in the Mobile Home Business to establish a company that furnishes peanut butter and chocolate treats. He has worked long and hard to help me and our clients.

I have now been in business for 25 years and with today's technology, I have decided to expand my program online. The new name online will be Ann's Weigh. This name was chosen for two reasons.

1. It represents our weekly weigh-ins, and
2. I have developed a Way of losing weight, lowering blood sugars, and blood lipids that is truly my way.

Ann's Weigh is not a low calorie or low-fat diet. It is a simple modified low-carb diet that truly teaches you how to eat, NOT how to diet.

In addition to our proven weight-loss program, enjoy our delicious candy that has no artificial sweeteners and can be made in 5 minutes. It has also been proven to aide in weight-loss and can help diabetics lower blood sugar and A1c levels.

Let 25 years of proven success make a difference for you or your child. Sign up today for Ann's Weigh.

I would like to dedicate this site to my four grandchildren.

Ryan, age 11, a handsome young boy who plays baseball, soccer and excels in golf.
Emily, a beautiful 9 year old little girl excelling in gymnastics and cheerleading.
Grant, at age 6 a handsome young boy who loves playing football and baseball. He loves flash cards and excels in reading.
Luke, age 3 who thinks he is as old as the other three. He is so cute and loves to play ball and swim.

All four have been blessed to attend Christian pre-schools. They are ranked very high in academic ability and even higher on my list.

I love you Ryan, Emily, Grant, and Luke

Ann Stratton